Quality of Life Issues and Concerns

In City of Vancouver, following services are available. In other municipalities, please check with your local municipal website.
Quality of Life related complaints/reports:
Also visit http://vancouver.ca/residents.htm for city of Vancouver information for residents, and
Vancouver Police Webpage for further and more complete information.
Problems involving graffiti, garbage, unsafe street conditions and municipal code violations should be reported to the local city department holding responsibility.
Call 3-1-1 ( 7am till 10pm) City of Vancouver Contact Centre
Residents and businesses of Vancouver can call 311 from landlines and cell phones within city limits for information and services, including: service needs such as traffic signal repairs, information requests regarding traffic / parking issues, concerns regarding parking tickets, noise, graffiti, etc.
City Maintenance
For any city numbers not listed here, call the City of Vancouver Call Center at (604) 873-7011.
Streets, Sidewalks, Curbs, Missing or Damaged Signs, Street Lights and Traffic Signals
Call Street Operations at (604) 871-6200 to report.
Water Mains / Water Quality
Call (604) 326-4800 for water main issues or dirty water. For questions regarding the quality of your water, you can also contact Vancouver Coastal Health at (604) 675-3800.
Hazardous Debris
Email stopdumping@vancouver.ca or call (604) 871-6544 for: abandoned garbage in lanes or on streets, couches and mattresses on city property, garbage containers (dumpsters) overflowing in city lanes, for recycling and yard waste – (604) 326-4600, rotting garbage on private property (posing a health concern) – call the Vancouver Coastal Health at (604) 675-3800. For recycling and yard waste, call (604) 326-4600. For rotting garbage on private property posing a health concern, call Vancouver Coastal Health at (604) 675-3800.
Abandoned Vehicles
Call Parking Enforcement at (604) 257-8709.
Call the Vancouver Pound at (604) 871-6888 to report incidents involving animals that threaten public health and safety (bites, vicious animals, strays). Contact 1-800-663-9453 to report any aggressive wildlife and coyotes.
Building Maintenance Standards Violations
To report any of these violations of the City’s Standards of Maintenance regulations, contact City Hall at (604) 873-7398, and leave a message for the Property Use Inspector in your area. Some of the examples of violation include: poor condition of retaining walls and fences, overgrowth of weeds, brush or trees on private property, land not kept clean and free of rubbish, debris, objects or materials, illegal uses of residential property
Call 3-1-1 and report graffiti on public properties. If your private property is vandalized with graffiti, document (take a photo) it and call VPD Non-Emergency at 604-717-3321. Then erase the graffiti promptly. By removing the graffiti, you are sending out a message that graffiti is not tolerated in your property and in your neighbourhood. For further details please visit the City of Vancouver Graffiti website:
Other By-Law Issues
For the entire listing of By-Laws, please visit http://app.vancouver.ca/bylaw_net/CategoryIndex.aspx
– Traffic 604-873-7216
– Noise 604-873-7753
– Untidy premise 604-873-7563
– Panhandling 604-873-7276
– Parking Enforcement 604-873-257-8727