2010 Volunteer Appreciation Day (4)

Being a non-profit, volunteer driven organization, we always rely on volunteers for ALL areas of our operations, administrations, and community development. 

We welcome everyone of variety of backgrounds who wants to be part of our team to fulfill our mandate.

As a volunteer, you could be:

  • patrolling the neighbourhood as eyes and ears
  • participating in road safety initiatives
  • assisting people who are affected by crimes, quality of life issues
  • providing information and referral to visitors and callers
  • interacting with members of the community to promote crime prevention
  • organizing fund-raising to keep the organization fiscally healthy
  • compiling raw data from office operations and analyzing statistical information
  • helping day-to-day administrative tasks
  • creating and keeping a clean and tidy office environment
  • setting goals, directions, and governance to the organization as board of director
  • and so on!

There is no shortage of how you can help us. If you are interested in helping us as a volunteer, please scroll down the “Volunteer” tab and find out more details.

Thank you!