Membership Opportunity

Why Membership is Important to SVCPC?

The financial contribution from our membership has helped enable us to achieve the goals set in the previous year, and to receive a high regard from Vancouver Police Department, our partner, in recognizing the quality and quantity of our production in Crime Prevention and Public Safety.   We are proud of our accomplishments and we couldn’t have done it without generous support from you, the local citizens and businesses.

We would like to continue the work with the help of dedicated volunteers, partnering with you in the community. We are totally committed to the cause but to take actions, we always need to rely on a dedicated member like your business.  In the next while, on top of what we have been performing on a day-to-day basis, we will be striving toward creating better and effective crime prevention literature and programs for particularly more vulnerable population, such as young children and the elderly citizens with debilitating ailment.  These are just a few examples. These can only be made possible with a sustainable funding.

How to Sign-up

We would like to invite you to consider signing up for the business membership and/or supporting us with a one-time cash or in-kind donation of any amount or value. This helps immensely in furthering our services in our community.

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Membership Benefits

  • TAX RECEIPTS:  All Members are issued a tax receipt for the membership fees paid.
  • VOTING PRIVILEGES:  All Active Members have the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting (on issues and/or at the election of the new board members).
  • SERVE ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  All Active Members have the right to run for and be elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the Society.
  • ENGRAVER BORROWING PRIVILEGE:  All Active Members are entitled to borrow the SVCPC property engraver device for up to one week to mark personal valuables for identification.
  • MEMBERSHIP STICKERS:  All Newly Registered Members will be entitled to receive three complimentary crime prevention stickers (which can be applied to doors and/or windows) with the text “Member of the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre (SVCPC) and Valuables Have Been Marked for Police Identification”. These stickers will be issued in first year of membership only. Additional stickers may be supplied on a request basis, and subject to availability.
  • EVENT NOTIFICATIONS:  Active members will be notified of upcoming SVCPC organized crime prevention workshops, seminars & other special events.
  • DISCOUNTED GIFT PURCHASES:  Active Members can benefit from a discounted, “Members Only” purchase price on promotional items as offered for sale by the SVCPC. Such items may include: SVCPC Umbrella, and others as they become available.


Please contact our office by email,, by calling 604-717-2940, or by visiting our office during office hours.