Our Mission – Priorities – Commitment

“Improve Community Safety and Reduce Crime through Crime Prevention Education and the Implementation of Crime Prevention Services, Programs and Initiatives.”


Our priorities are to:

  • Provide the community with high quality crime prevention programs and services;
  • Improve the skills of all volunteers, board and staff members to foster more productive and efficient operations;
  • Strengthen SVCPC presence in the community and strengthen partnerships with members of the residential and business community, the Vancouver Police Department and other Service Providers; and
  • Maintain the financial viability of the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre.


All Directors, Staff and Volunteers of the SVCPC are:

  • Committed to investing their skills, talents, time and available resources to improve community safety in the SVCPC district;
  • Determined to continue with the implementation of “true and tried” crime prevention practices; and
  • Committed to work to develop new crime prevention strategies.