Office Services

A community crime prevention office is a place where community members and businesses can meet and work with the police, in a non-crisis environment, to address crime and safety concerns.

In addition the office participates in community projects such as clean-up campaigns, graffiti paint-outs, and public awareness initiatives. The SVCPC also provides assistance to members of the public with non-emergency crime-related problems and safety concerns.

Police Officers use the office to write reports, make telephone calls and meet with community members. This office is NOT a precinct or a police substation. However, a neighbourhood Police Officer is assigned to the Community Policing Centre to assist in the delivery of crime prevention programs and to help resolve community concerns regarding crime and safety.

The office also has a strong contingent of volunteers who must first undergo and pass a police record check. Once approved, the volunteer starts working and receives ongoing training as provided by the SVCPC & VPD.  Volunteer opportunities range from Bike Patrol, Foot Patrol, Speed Watch, Mobile Office, crime prevention education, community events and friendly competition – street hockey – with volunteers from other community policing centres in Vancouver.

Patrols: Please refer to Patrol Section to learn more about our patrol programs.
Property Engraving: Engravers are loaned out to members of the public for the engraving of valuables for police identification.
Fundraising: Members of the Board, staff members and volunteers of the SVCPC engage in various fundraising activities, such as auctions, membership drives, and others in order to raise money to help pay the office expenses.
Parking Lot Audits: Volunteers conduct visual inspections of vehicles parked on public streets and parking lots and issue reminder notices on how to keep vehicles and valuables better protected.
Block Watch: On behalf of the VPD the office promotes and actively recruits new members from the community for participation in this valuable crime prevention program.
Educational Outreach: Please refer to Outreach Section to learn more about our initiatives.
Accepting Found Property: The office accepts and handles found property.
Citizen Reports: The SVCPC receives and processes confidential citizen reports on various crimes and safety issues.
Newsletter & Website: The office publishes newsletters and maintains a website to inform members of the community about our office services, upcoming events, past activities, crime, crime prevention issues, and other topics.
Special Projects: The office develops and implements special proactive crime prevention initiatives in response to specific crime and safety related problems occurring in the community. Example would be the International Student Safety Program, designed to protect the safety of international students in the City of Vancouver, developed in response to incidents of assaults on ESL students.