I.C.O.M. Kids – “In Case Of Missing”

I.C.O.M.  (In Case Of Missing) Kids

ICOM Card (Sample)

The South Vancouver Community Policing Centre (SVCPC) presents the I.C.O.M. (In Case Of Missing) service.  This service is sponsored by the Vancouver Police Foundation and E-Card ID Experts, and is operated in partnership with the Vancouver Police Department.

I.C.O.M. is designed to assist parents and guardians in obtaining photographic and biographic documentation of their children.  In the event that their child should go missing, parents would present this information to the police in order to assist them in the search of your child.

More importantly, the I.C.O.M. initiative provides an excellent opportunity for parents and guardians to talk to their children about personal safety and what to do in an emergency.


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I.C.O.M. Card

The I.C.O.M. Card is a wallet sized card that allows you to carry your child’s basic information and photograph with you while you are away from home.

Please note that the I.C.O.M. card is NOT official government identification and is only to be used in the EMERGENCY situation.

 ICOM Card front and Back (2013-May)

I.C.O.M. Data Sheet

The I.C.O.M. Data Sheet is an 8.5” x 11” printout of your child’s fingerprints, photograph, and description.  Store this information in a safe place and present it to a police officer if your child goes missing.

 ICOM - Sample Data Sheet Cst Chip


Parents take the I.C.O.M. Cards and I.C.O.M. Data Sheets home to be stored in a safe place.  The child’s information provided to the SVCPC is deleted immediately after producing the I.C.O.M. products and is not stored on any database.

How often does ID need to be updated?

The size of each child’s finger will continue to grow from pre-birth to childhood to adulthood.  While the relative position of fingerprint ridges remain the same, the prints become more defined as children age.  It is recommended that parents maintain updated identification and photo of their children every year, and for younger children every six months.

What is SVCPC’s role?

The SVCPC will take a child’s photograph and fingerprints with digital equipment which will be returned parents in the form of an I.C.O.M. Data Sheet or I.C.O.M. Card.  Parents are encouraged to store this information in a safe place.

The SVCPC does not charge a fee for the I.C.O.M. Data Sheet, however we ask that parents consider a minimum donation of $3.00 for the custom I.C.O.M. Card in order to help maintain the availability of the I.C.O.M. service.


Please call us at (604) 717-2940 or email us at svcpc@telus.net for additional information and next I.C.O.M. session location/time details.


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