Foot Patrol


Our foot and bike patrol programs are composed of volunteers trained to identify and report suspicious activity on their patrols throughout the neighbourhood. Our volunteers assist the City and Vancouver Police Department in the reporting and recovery of stolen and abandoned automobiles by cross referencing the license plates of vehicles in the community with a database of missing automobiles. The training our volunteers receive also extends to include the proper procedure on filing reports the City and police rely on to locate and retrieve stolen vehicles.

In addition to assisting law enforcement and the City of Vancouver, our volunteers also engage in educating the public through the use of crime prevention notices, which provide tips and suggestions to owners on how to secure their vehicles against thieves and reduce incentives for break-ins.

Patrol members can be identified by their bright and reflective uniforms, which provide a visible presence in the community to enhance the sense of safety and security while actively deterring crime on their patrols. Each team is responsible for patrolling a separate vicinity that includes the busy commercial districts, such as Victoria Drive, Kingsway and Main Street, as well as the quiet residential streets in between to cover the areas within our catchment. We have over 100 active patrol members who walk the streets of our neighbourhood regularly, ensuring that there is a visible community policing presence in the community.