Going on Vacation – Prevent Theft

Piled-Up Mail

A burglar scouting the neighbourhood can easily tell if a home’s unattended

With winter fast approaching, a lot of us will be looking to avoid the chilly weather for warmer climes. Several tips and techniques will help make sure your home doesn’t become a target for thieves while you’re away.

In general, thieves will tend to pick easy targets. A home that’s obvi-ously been empty for a few days will make for an easy target. Several techniques can help make it less obvious:

  1. Don’t announce your exact vacation plans or when you’ve left your house on social media. While you may trust your friends on facebook, it’s harder to know friends of friends, or what is visible to the general public.
  2. Stop delivery of newspapers and other subscriptions.
  3. Clear your answering machine. Some thieves use a reverse-phone lookup to call a specific address before entering. A full answering machine or a long-ringing phone indicate a house has been empty for a while.

You can also make it appear that nobody has ever left your home!

  1. Have a trusted friend perform house-sitting. Let them come by every 2 or 3 days to collect mail, tidy up the lawn, or even to help water the plants.
  2. Use a lamp timer, or several around evening and night to ap-pear that people are inside or moving to various rooms.

Lastly, make it difficult for thieves!

  1. Shut the curtains and lock away your valuables. If there is nothing of value seen, a burglar is less likely to risk breaking in.
  2. Invest in an alarm or camera system and have a sign or decal displayed up front to deter thieves.
  3. Use motion-sensing floodlights in order to make it difficult to hide, again making it riskier for thieves to make the attempt.

Stay safe, and happy vacationing!

Faking It

A simple lamp timer can create the illusion that someone is home each day.