Crime Prevention

Scroll down the “Crime Prevention” tabs and find more about ways to prevent crimes!  If you have an area of prevention you would like us to elaborate on our website, please send us an email!

We try to keep the information updated, but it is ALWAYS a good idea to check the source and get the most up-to-date tips and guidance. 

Here are some “tips” for crime prevention. Some conventional wisdom, some obvious, and some you don’t know. Let’s all practice Crime Prevention every day!

  • See A Crime? Know Of A Crime?
  • Report It! Report All Crimes!
  •  Always Protect Your Pin Numbers! (Personal Identification Numbers)
  • If It’s Too Good To Be True, It Most Likely Is!
  • Safety In Numbers! Walk With A Friend!
  • Get To Know Your Neighbours! Join Block Watch!
  • Act Now Before The Thieves Will!
  • Say No To Drugs!
  • Keep Your Private Information Private! Prevent Identity Theft!
  • Opportunity Makes The Thief! Don’t Let Thieves Ruin Your Day!
  • Lock Your Doors! Lock Your Windows! Lock Out Crime!
  • Protect Your Property! Engrave It To Keep It!
  • Life In Danger? Crime In Progress? Call 911!
  • Be Informed! Be Prepared! Be On Guard! Keep Safe!
  • Don’t Panic! Think And Act!  Don’t Let Fear Immobilize You!
  • Always Read The Fine Print! Avoid  Becoming A Victim Of Fraud!
  • Criminals Are Smart!  You’ve Got To Be Smarter!
  • Acts Of Prevention Lead To Protection!
  • Pay Attention To Your Surroundings! Be Alert! Be Aware! Be Safe!
  • Be Part Of The Solution! Become A Com-munity Policing Volunteer!
  • Violence Is Not The Answer! Relationships Should Not Hurt!