Community Outreach

SVCPC’s 3 key initiatives on Community Outreach:

  1. Event Participation
  2. Outreach Centre
  3. Mobile Office – Crime Alert


SVCPC participates at community events & celebrations where it promotes and showcases SVCPC services and programs through informative displays, distribution of educational literature, by engaging members of the public in interactive educational games, and by raising their awareness about the importance of crime prevention.

Typical Events that SVCPC participates in include:

  • Vaisakhi Parade
  • South Hill Festival
  • Keep Vancouver Spectacular
  • Events hosted by local charities and churches
  • Canada Day Festival at Sunset Community Centre
  • Canada Day at Army Navy Air Force
  • Several Block Community Events throughout Summer months
  • Community Policing Day
  • Interactive games

At most community outreach / education outreach events the centre implements various interactive games -and activities designed to engage and educate youth and adults about safety in a playful manner. The most frequently used games are:

  • “Be the Best Witness” game
  • “Mini P.O.P.A.T.”
  • “Fatal Vision Goggles”
  • “The Drinking Clock”
  • “Spot the Target”
  • “Youth Sport Games”
  • “Junior Police Academy”
  • “Mascot”
  • “Child ID Passports”


In order to develop and foster a more positive rapport with members of the sizeable South Asian Community, the SVCPC partnered with VPD and the Khalsa Diwan Society to open an outreach centre on the South Slopes of Vancouver, the “Khalsa Diwan CPC (KDSCPC) Outreach office”. The office is only open on Sundays and it is staffed by our Indo- Canadian police officer and several Indo – Canadian volunteers. Visitors of the outreach centre are welcomed in a non-threatening, friendly environment, where they can seek assistance with their crime and safety concerns. Volunteers of this outreach office are tasked with organizing presentations (on issues, such as bullying and others) and youth games or other activities in an attempt to help build and foster a positive relationship between youth and policing agencies.


This educational outreach was first introduced and launched in 2007. This has become very popular among both the volunteers and residents of the South East District of Vancouver. Some of the expected outcomes from Mobile Office Program include:

  • Increased community awareness about crime prevention.
  • Increased reporting of suspicious and or criminal activity.
  • Sense of protection among community members.
  • Increased participation by community member in crime prevention activities.
  • Improved communications between community and policing agencies.
  • Increased awareness about the SVCPC and greater understanding about its role and programs and services.
  • Increased opportunity of support and assist victims of crime and advise them of crime prevention strategies for the prevention of similar crimes.
  • Increased opportunity to alert and notify residents of specific criminal activity in their neighbourhood.
  • Improved relationship between public (and especially youth) and policing agencies.
  • Greater appreciation of policing services.

The program involves:

  • Tracking and monitoring of specific criminal activity or crime hot spots in the SVCPC district by NPO and office staff.
  • Issuing a crime alert notice detailing the criminal activity.
  • Mobilizing and dispatching a team of volunteers to visit specific neighbourhood.
  • Visiting neighbouring residences – door to door – by volunteers.
  • Delivery of crime alerts for notification of residents.
  • Distribution of crime prevention, block watch and other SVCPC literature.

The presence of the volunteers – wearing their SVCPC uniforms also serves as a deterrent to criminal activity. The implementation of this initiative is prompted by criminal activity and it involves the VPD District 3 Inspector and SVCPC NPO, and SVCPC staff members: Executive Director and Office Coordinator and volunteers.