About South Vancouver Community Policing

The South Vancouver Community Police Centre (SVCPC) community crime prevention office is a place where community members and businesses can meet and work with the police, in a non-crisis environment, to address crime and safety concerns.

Activities are organized by a full-time coordinator with an office staff of community volunteers. Day to day activities include coordination of police crime prevention programs such as Bike Patrol, Foot Patrol, Pooch Patrol, ICOM Property, ICOM Kids, Road Safety Programs, and participation in community projects such as clean-up campaigns, graffiti paint-outs, public awareness initiatives, and generally helping the public with non-emergency crime-related problems.

Two Vancouver Police Neighbourhood Police Officers are assigned at the SVCPC.  Their duties include but are not  limited to the training of volunteers, working with the business and residential community in dealing with crime related issues, delivery of safety talks to ESL/International Students, Seniors’ Groups and children etc.  Patrol Police officers use the office to write reports, make telephone calls, and meet with community members. It should be noted that the SVCPC is NOT a precinct or a police substation.

Volunteers with the South Vancouver CPC come from all walks of life. Many of our volunteers are aspiring police officers seeking to gain police related experience, and numerous others are simply doing their best to help make our city a safer and more enjoyable place to live. To become a volunteer with our organization one must fill out an application form as well as a form granting permission for a criminal background check to be conducted. These forms are available in the office. Once these forms have been processed the volunteers are trained by the Vancouver Police Department.

For additional information please contact:

Executive Director,
South Vancouver Community Policing Centre
5435 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC V5P 3V9
Telephone: 604-717-2940
Email: info@svcpc.com

Charitable Registration No. 89531 5075 RR0001