Pedestrian Safety Month with ICBC

Handing out safety materials at Tecumseh with Constable Chip

Pedestrian Safety Month is winding down, but remember that safety and alertness doesn’t stop! ICBC is promoting greater pedestrian awareness for drivers and caution for pedestrians too.

To help promote safety and awareness in the community, the SVCPC held several events.

On Nov 19th, Cst. Pang and Road Safety Coordinater Sean Lucas gave a talk and handed out materials to seniors at the South Vancouver Neigh-bourhood House.

We set up by Tecumseh Elementary school on November 24th. Thanks to all our volunteers and the good weather as well, which let Constable Chip come out!

Our NPOs also had two staff safety sessions at the German-Canadian care home, handing out 120 reflectors and cards.

For our foot patrollers: There are still some reflectors and cards to hand out. There’s a bag of them by the sign-in desk. Grab a few when you go out on patrol, and hand them out to people you meet!

Lastly…don’t forget to keep yourself safe! All the safety tips apply to you as well while you’re patrolling the neighbourhood.

  • Make eye contact with drivers—don’t assume they saw you.
  • Be visible—which is why we’re handing out reflectors! Choose bright colours, especially if you’re walking at night
  • Stay alert and remove distractions, like your cellphone and earbuds

Pedestrian Safety Month with ICBC