Pedestrian Safety – Campaign – November 2013

Pedestrian Safety 002

The Vancouver Police and ICBC launched a Pedestrian Safety Campaign. The volunteers at South Vancouver Community Policing Centre will be mobilized to go to the high incident intersections to conduct Pedestrian Safety Awareness campaign for the next while.

Please see the media release by the Vancouver Police for the full details about this campaign:


The unfortunate reality is that every year in Vancouver there are more than 200 pedestrians injured in crashes from October to December alone. (VPD Media Release)


What Can You Do to Keep Pedestrians Out of Harm’s Way? 

If You’re a Pedestrian:

  • make eye contact with approaching drivers and / or cyclists
  • use designated crossing points
  • obey the traffic signals – only enter the intersection if the pedestrian signal is being displayed and it is safe for you to do so
  • don’t presume that drivers see you – wear reflective clothing at night if possible

Pedestrian Safety 001

If You’re a Driver:

  • make eye contact with pedestrians
  • yield to pedestrians that are on the roadway
  • watch for pedestrians at intersections, especially when making left and right turns
  • expect the unexpected – a vehicle stopping in a lane beside you may be yielding to a pedestrian crossing the road.
  • obey traffic signals

If You’re a Cyclist:

  • make eye contact with pedestrians
  • yield to pedestrians
  • follow all rules of the road – bicycles are vehicles, too
  • don’t ride on sidewalks – stay to the right hand side of the roadway or in designated lanes
  • have a bicycle bell on you bicycle to warn approaching pedestrians and other road users