VPD Appeal to the Victims of “Blessing” Scam

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The Vancouver Police is appealing to the recent victims of the “Blessing” scam.  Please read the full details using the link below. The Ming Pao news (link below) has a news article in Chinese Traditional.  SVCPC covered this type of the scam on our webpost back in January, with the VPD media short re-enactment movie. (see link)

If you or someone you know is a victim of this scam, or any other type of scams, it is vitally important to report that to your local police. 

Vancouver Police are still in possession of a large quantity of jewelry seized from the accused and want to return these items to their rightful owners. In 60 days from today’s date, the jewelry will be disposed of. (VPD Media Release – October 2nd)

VPD Media Release (LINK)

“Police Appeal to Victims to Identify ‘Blessing Scam’ Jewelry (October 2, 2013)”

Related Ming Pao news article (LINK)

“祈福黨400贓物待領  限期60天 警籲小心餘黨”

SVCPC News Post (January) (LINK)

 Beware of Scammers 2013-01-26