RFID Technology

 RFID theft (image photo)


 Radio Frequency IDentification Technology

There is a growing concern over “electronic pickpocketing” of RFID embedded credit cards.  To respond to this concern, the Criminal Intelligence Service of BC & Yukon developed an in-depth bulletin that covers everything from what RFID technology is, how it works, why do we have it, its advantages and disadvantages, and who is liable should you become a victim of electronic pickpocketing.  Although the article was published in 2010, the information is for the most part just as relevant today as it was back then.

CISBC/YT Financial Crime Awareness Bulletin

It appears that the main issue is that these RFID cards are openly susceptible to criminals who can skim for information that is not encrypted by using readily available card readers –  CISBC/YT Financial Crime Awareness Bulletin