2011-11-26 Volunteer Appreciation Day

Our office hosted the annual SVCPC Volunteer Appreciation Day at our office, inviting 160+ volunteers. Each month our volunteers diligently put in their time and effort in our neighbourhood and community with a mission to reduce crime. Big thanks to you volunteers!

We would like to also acknowledge the following individuals and businesses for their kind donations for the event. (alphabetical order)

  • Bon Bon Bakery
  • Bosley’s Pet Store
  • Calabria Bakery
  • Ms. Cherie Lookman
  • Churches Chicken
  • Dairy Queen
  • DeDutch Restaurant
  • Elephant Walk Pub
  • Flower Expressions
  • Ms. Gail McKay
  • GTS Computers
  • London Drugs
  • Maxim’s Bakery
  • Neighbour’s Restaurant
  • New City Flowers
  • Panago Pizza
  • Safeway
  • Starbuck’s Coffee
  • Takara Bune Restaurant
  • The Tipper Restaurant
  • Wei Yee Bakery
  • White Spot Restaurant